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What Is Wrong With Shareaza Now??

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by WonDerbrEad1216, May 13, 2005.

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  1. i have had shareaza for a long time now and has worked for me very well.....recently my mom got a computer for herself and had to get a router to connect to the internet through this computer.....now when i use shareza almost no results come up.....WHY? i cant ask the shareaza support cause the site is down.....SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE
  2. Sparky9

    Sparky9 Member

    you should forward incoming connection attempts on the Shareaza port to the local ip of the computer Shareaza is installed on. When you configure your router, make a rule for forwarding TCP messages and forwarding incoming UDP on the Shareaza port to the local ip of the computer Shareaza is installed on. For help on port forwarding see http://portforward.com. Consider giving your local computer that Shareaza is installed on a static IP address. Refer to the http://portforward.com site for details on giving a computer a static IP.) The Shareaza port is the port you have chosen (in the Shareaza Settings-->Internet-->Connection: Port) for Shareaza to listen for connections on.
  3. zab

    zab Member

    Don't bother with Shareassa, its gone to hell and it will never work again. Give a better p2p app to your mom, she deserves it!
  4. Dynochem

    Dynochem Member

    Shareaza has been acting 'strange' for a couple of weeks (i.e. only connecting to a couple of files at a time).
    Last 2 days been the worst... never reached more than 4 or 5KB/sec in total!! Uploads seem to go out OK.
    Also, like other users, can't log onto shareaza.com. (no settings been altered on my PC since everything used to be OK)
    So I tried 3 different friends' PCs (different phone lines, disabled firewall) used IE6 and Firefox.... but can't connect to any of the Shareaza links.
    Also worth mentioning that friends also report the same massive drop in speed of downloads and no. of connections without having altered any configuration settings.
    So... don't go messing with stuff on your PC.
    Something's happening at Shareaza... suppose we'll just have to wait & see, or jump ship to another P2P?
  5. Sparky9

    Sparky9 Member

  6. Attermire

    Attermire Member

    shareaza is dead, it doesnt work under sp2, it just uploads and only downloads like 2kb per week,
    and i've tried many different configurations, i just give up, gonna search zeropaid for a few newer
    p2p progs that actually d/load stuff.
  7. Roamerick

    Roamerick Out of his Mind

    Stop talking crap for a second, and take the time to breathe. The latest Shareaza alphas are the best thing out there for p2p.
  8. littlebits

    littlebits Member Established Member

    There is nothing wrong with Shareaza, it is working just fine. Maybe it is just your computers. :hi

    ThankYou :icon_thum
  9. maynoth

    maynoth Member Established Member

    lol... shareaza works great... if you know how to use it...
  10. dont take this the wrong way, please...

    I'm not sure what all of the fuss is about. Im not a fanboy, or spammmer, or whatever else. In defense of shareaza, it works the exact same for me as it always has, been using for two years now. Only draw back, when do they actually plan to release 2.2? Its been a full year just about since 2.1!

    Even Gnucleus and winmx has seen newer betas lol!
  11. BTW has anyone tried the newer alphas? how do i get it?
  12. Tsumeone

    Tsumeone Member

    "Shareaza 2.2 coming soon!
    After 9 months of work on Shareaza, version 2.2 is coming soon. Forum regulars have been testing these updated versions since September and now public beta is on the way!"

    I would expect a public beta by the end of May [ this month ]. Betas from Shareaza are usually release quality, hell I haven't even had problems with their alpha versions =P You get those from the forums, which are down right now.

    As for your problem, you need to set your computer's firewall [windows firewall for example] to allow Shareaza's port. I recommend using a port OTHER THAN 6346 [changeable in the settings]. I would use something above 10000. Then you need to forward the port in your router, which can be done by reading your router's manual =P There's a forum thread [forum is down so wait for it] on patching your tcpip.sys in XP SP2 to fix slow p2p problems, and then changing the shareaza settings to reflect the fix.
  13. zab

    zab Member

    The only thing this stupid app has going for it is the legion of brainwashed fanbois - as you see they're here already
  14. tomars

    tomars Registered Useless

    Yeah, Shareaza is crap. Just because its got everything in one package, doesnt make it good. I'd rather have a number of well performing apps rather than 1 that does the job poorley. If the problem is configuration, then Shareaza should sort it out at their end - if everything else works pretty much out of the box, why am I going to bother with this half rate piece of junk? Bit Torrent + OiNK + TorrentSpy + 9down is all I need.
  15. davec8

    davec8 Member

    Thank god every program doesn't take 9 months to test for a beta release to be ready. That's pathetic, really.
  16. Gamer8585

    Gamer8585 Master Kancho Assassin

    9 months eh? well thats longer Mircosoft's Alpha and Beta testing, combined. lol
  17. ABC123666

    ABC123666 Member

    You talk like the shareaza developers owe you something. The guys that develope the program do it in their free time and they generously release it as a completely free program, even giving the source code away. They dont make anything out of it. So unless you've made at least a 4 figure donation, you've got no right to complain. Make contructive criticisms all you like, but if you've got nothing usefull to say, shut up.
  18. Tsumeone

    Tsumeone Member

    Shareaza's betas are a lot better than the release versions of many other apps.

    Also, they've done quite a bit more than fix bugs and clean the source code. They've added assembly code to hash files faster [and possibly do other things faster], almost all of the networks have better connectivity and transfer rates, especially ED2K. Bittorrent support was made quite a bit better, it is no longer a hassle to get the program to connect to all of the networks when you start it [in other words, you don't need to mess with the Discovery Services page to make it work], and the installer configures most of the settings you really need. Possibly in 2.2, but might be held until 2.3, is UPNP support, to forward ports in your router for you, so you don't need to do it yourself.

    I have been using the Alpha [beta quality] versions since they've been posted in the Dev forum, and I can safely say that 2.2 will not "suck".

    Anyone who thinks Shareaza sucks can keep it in the shareaza sucks thread, don't go posting worthless B$ in threads that contain real questions.

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