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usenet and old files

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by josephgoss, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. josephgoss

    josephgoss Member

    i have never used Usenet before, however i am building up an idea about how the system working and the things i need to acquire to use this service

    if i do decided to use Usenet, I'll most likely use a premium service such as giganews or astraweb's

    i am looking at downloading old tv shows like farscape and stargate season 1

    because these servers have the data only for a few months, does that mean that its unlikely old content like the first stargate season will be available?. i don't want to waste my money if i know beforehand that i won't find older stuff on Usenet

    i know that you can get recent media (like stargate series 10) but i am not that interested in that stuff at the moment

    and by the way. the reason why i don't bit torrent is because my ip caps all bit torrent downloads to stupid speeds (try downloading 7GB @ 13KB/s!)

    and just before i post this, one last thing; does anyone know of a non bit torrent site that would let me download high quality tv shows (like all stargate seasons) over a normal ftp or http connection. (i don't mind using premium sites either.i don't think there are nay though)

    is anyone can answer me, thank you very much!

    from Joe
  2. Dark Messenger

    Dark Messenger Naruto Fan Established Member

    I actually did a search for you on www.binsearch.info and came up with the following results looks like you can find everything you need there.

    edit: here's a partial guide I made before losing interest:

    ZeroPaid Guide To Using Newsgroups Version 2.0

    Where to be begin? Not long ago a fellow forum member requested an easy-to-follow-guide that anyone could use As I considered this I realised there is and can be no such thing because quite simply newsgroups just aren't easy. I know the throngs of you who have been using newsgroups for any length of time may disagree mayhap in the same way an accomplished pianist would tell another that its easy to do.

    Okay with the opening disclaimer out of the way let's move on to the heart of the matter:

    Q1. How's it Done or what program do I need to use to connect to newsgroups?

    A1 The answer is grabit available from www.shemes.com. Direct Link to Downloads Section Link to the version I recommend using Grabit version 1.5.3 beta

    Download and install Grabit version 1.5.3

    After you've installed it. Open it.

    A)Now where it says 'My Grabit' right-click on that to bring up a dialog box that says 'Add Server'


    B) Under 'Profile Name' leave it blank the default name is 'New Server'. There is no need to change this.

    c) Where it says 'hostname' enter this: news.easynews.nl
    D) Where it says 'Port' leave that on 119

    E) Where it says 'Account name' enter this: beta@easynews.nl
    F) Where it says 'Password' enter this: beta

    G) Leave all the other settings alone and now click okay.

    You should now have something that says 'default server' under 'My Grabit'
    Congratulations you have now set up your client to connect to newsgroups.

    Q2 How Do I find Out what's there or how do I download from Newsgroups?


    1) Next right-click on 'default server' and select 'Refresh Grouplist'. This will download a list of all newsgroups on the server. Think of 'Grouplist' like categories Categories may be pictures, movies, music, ebooks, etc.

    Downloading the 'Grouplist' will show you a list of available 'categories' or 'groups' on the Server.
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  3. meyou123

    meyou123 Member

    As far as OLD CONTENT....newsgroups have it in abundance. If they do not have a particular show or movie you are looking for,you can always post a request in the group itself and ask someone if they have it.

    Chances are, that either they have it, or know someone who does!


    may be a good place to start for that file you were looking for.

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