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pixelated video

Discussion in 'Desktop' started by f---in lurker, Mar 26, 2003.

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  1. f---in lurker

    f---in lurker Member

    My video files look pixelated. Tried them on two players.
    This PC is a recently bought Duron 1.3, with a fucking 8 MB ONBOARD video card. (brilliant purchase!!!)
    I just updated the drivers but there's no difference. Is it the video card's fault?

    winxp home
    duron 1.3
    128 dimm
    8 mB onboard video --> sis 630/730 or so says windows

    as long as i'm here, is 128 supposed to be enough memory to run winxp well? over here it's slow as ****

    and well this is off-topic but if someone opens the PC case, the WARRANTY IS VOID!
    JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    right, if anyone can spare the time and patience to reply, that would be much appreciated
  2. Foreverboard

    Foreverboard Alien in Penguin suit....

    Your video card is most likly the issue. 8 megs is bearly enough for a nice screen saver nowadays. I would get at LEAST a 32meg but better with a 64. they are cheep now. And also about you ram. 128 is the minumum requirerment for XP, it will run really slow till you get 256 or better yet 512. Good luck.
  3. Krell

    Krell worthless dirtball Expert

    Do not use file names here, just tell me if the file is an avi or mpg.

    What 2 players have to tried?

    Did you install the Nimo codecs, and the alpha FFdshow filter?

    These are where to look first.

    Then, make sure your mother board chipset drivers are updated, or your video driver will not be optimised.

    128 Mb ram to run XP and everything else, is nominal.

    Therefore, I want you to get the Aida32 app, this will tell you WHAT you have, what is outdated, and where to get drivers, exactly WHICH brand of memory that you have etc.

    Get that app, learn to use it, get your drivers, get the codecs, then return with more info.
  4. Foreverboard

    Foreverboard Alien in Penguin suit....

    no matter how hard you try, an 8 meg video card wont cut it. it will look like crap.

    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    Well....first you gotta tell us what the videos in question are. Not the file names but what codecs they use and how big they are...plus they're duration.

    Depending on length and file size plus codec info...we can determine what this is all about.

    An 8meg video card is lame as hell...even this old ass IBM 750 I have has a 32 meg card with mpeg1/2 hardware decoding, but the card doesn't mean much in the way of decoding mpeg4....

    So...with that your base of possible 'choices' decreases.

    It's either...

    1) The bitrate is low...and the rip/capture is crappy....

    2) The codec your using is playing the video back straight up without any cleaning or on the fly filters to make it look better.

    3) The few select videos are encoded in DivX 4/5 which are known for bleeding and pixilated 'blotches' (without filters and low post processing).

    Once you run off with file size and length we can easily figure out whats wrong.
  6. f---in lurker

    f---in lurker Member

    Hey, thanks all of you.
    I'm gonna try the app Krell mentioned, then I'll get back to you with more info.
  7. f---in lurker

    f---in lurker Member

    the memory is actually 119 MB.
    i got a new driver for the chipset, checked the video driver i'd installed (seems to be the correct and most recent one) and installed the nimo codec pack (and reinstalled ffdshow).
    The results i'm getting are the same as before (and the media players are WMP 9 and Zoom Player 2.90)

    Some videos, when switched to fullscreen, will look pixelated. But if I switch back and then to fullscreen again, they look ok, probably the way they should. So it's not a big deal. Here's some info on a few of these videos:

    Other videos look pixelated in fullscreen no matter what I do, and I know they're not supposed to look like that. Here's the info on a few of them:


    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    Ok, try this...

    First uninstall every mpeg4 (DivX/Xvid/Mircosoftmpeg4/ect) then install just the video direct show filter from the Nimo pack.

    Once that's done open up WMP8/9 and go to "options" (in the tools menu) then select the "performance" tab and drop down to "Advanced" pop that window up and make sure there all checked.

    Restart WMP8/9 then try playing the video in full screen mode. If that hasn't solved it...try opening the run command and typing in "mplayer2" without the quotes. Play the file in that player and see if it's better.

    If that doesn't work...lol

    Try changing your screen resolution.

    If it's 1024x1280 drop it down to 800x600 if it's the other way around then swap to 1024x1280.

    Also if your getting color bleed try adjusting your color output to 32 million.
  9. Theinfamousone

    Theinfamousone Krell's Hitman Established Member

    CCSDUDE pretty much said it all, it very well may be a codec issue because after I reformatted recently the video I was getting looked very pixelated, they were of course divx, how they were playing at all baffled me, but it wasn't until I installed the divx 5.03 pro that they looked good again.

    If possible, you should sell that on ebay to some newbie and spend $200 on another one on ebay that ISN'T garbage.

    This is sort of off topic, but has anyone noticed that there is a Divx logo in the bottom right of Divx videos for a few seconds? That is really annoying me. It's like adware in Kazaa.
  10. f---in lurker

    f---in lurker Member

    but thanks.

    looks like the reasonable thing to do is to get a usable video card.

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