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How long to keep seeding BitTorrent

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by at.morris, May 20, 2003.

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  1. at.morris

    at.morris Guest

    I'm currently downloading a 4CD game from BitTorrent. CD1 and 2 have finished and CD3 is going to in the next 6 mins. I continued to share CD1 until CD2 finished, which is when i unrared CD1. In 6 mins i will stop sharing CD2 to unrar that, but keep CD3 seeded until CD4 is done.
    The question is, is that sufficient? When downloading from BitTorrent, my upload speed is consistently faster than my download speed, so even if i stop it straight away, ive put more into the system than i have taken from it. Once the file has been unrared, the .bin and .cue files go straight onto kazaa. Sadly, people who download games from kazaa seem to have a complete inability to share, which is really annoying. Between the four people downloading CD1 from me, they only muster up 50,000k of shared files. When all 4 CDs are done, i will place them onto CD and delete the files from my harddrive. How long should I seed BitTorrent for? Should i give up sharing games on Kazaa, or will that be lowering myself to their standard?
  2. Deadwood

    Deadwood Member

    As long as everyone sends more of a file from BT than they download there will never be a problem. When I use BT my upload speed is usually half of my download speed so I tend to use BT overnight so there is plenty of time for it to upload as well.

    Regarding your question about shareing on kazaa, If I was you I would use a different app. There are plenty of different app's out there which have far less fakes and viruses. I would recomend FileTopia or Direct Connect.
  3. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    It isn't possible for everyone to upload more than they download is it?
  4. Ea$y_E

    Ea$y_E Member

    after complete you should continue to seed a file for atleast 1hr if using official client.
    if you using a client that says how many completes are available its ok to stop seeding around 20 or so

    as for makin them available on kazaa -
    last i checked kazaa doesnt support .cue files very well
    i would use a better network to distribute.

    maybe use shareaza or something....you could always post a magnet link and spread it along, also it would go to ed2k as well with new shareaza client

    note** -im not a shareaza advocate, if you think im a shareza rules!! type........**** off cuz thats not what im about
  5. at.morris

    at.morris Guest

    So what your saying is that because my upload is faster than my download, i can close the seed when i am done and suffer no guilt?
    I agree with Deadwood about kazaa lite to a certain extent, but i only ever use it with a varified site. I'm waiting for the full release of Shareaza 1.9. I cant be bothered to wait for all my files to be hashed when it is currently only a beta. I'm also always half way through downloading a file in Kazaa, so there is never a good change over time!
  6. cnp23

    cnp23 Member

    I'm usually away from the computer when the files are downloading, I usually end up closing the windows after I get back (usually about a few hours minimum). It's usually a 1:2 download/upload ratio by the time it's done. Sometimes more. I once got a 1 gig download / 10gig upload statistics... crazy. Too much uploading and I"ll get a notice from the EDU
  7. Induna

    Induna Vote John Kerry!

    I tend to leave them open for half an hour after they've completed. But like cnp23, if I'm away from my computer, like overnight, then obviously the torrent is going to be open for hours, much to the pleasure of other users no doubt.

    Another thing, if I see somebody has requested the torrent to be re-seeded then I'll open it up again. People have done it for me so I see it as good karma.

    If you make a new torrent then you need to seed it for at least 24 hours, otherwise you're gonna get a lot of angry users stuck on 80% or whatever, flaming your ass off.
  8. Tremaine

    Tremaine 3 dimes 4 nickels

    no one forgot it kazaa hashes are sigdat2 hashes.... also there is no point in changing a hash to a different format unless its from ed2k to sigdat2dat vice versa or to a magnet link. Changing a hash format to a torrent won't work because it will not have a tracker availible, also torrent file have to be new therefor changing a hash link to a torrent file is not possible without a valid tracker.
  9. at.morris

    at.morris Guest

    OK, ive finished downloading the 4CD game (i think you all know the one im talking about). Usually at this stage I unrared my downloads into .bin and .cue files. This i can do with CD1, 2 and 4, but CD3 comes with a .sfv file that winrar doesnt like. I've tried reseeding the file so that my download is checked, but it was fine. Then i deleted the .sfv file and started up the torrent again, but the file i just deleted was downloaded again. What is it ment for? What should i do with it?
  10. Andy_TRN

    Andy_TRN Member

    The .sfv is for verifying that all files are downloaded correctly (by CRC checksum). You don't really need the file... it's pretty useless.
  11. at.morris

    at.morris Guest

    Thanks Andy_TRN, its deleted :fire
  12. Deadwood

    Deadwood Member

    Some people can't upload at all due to corperate firewalls etc.. What I meant was that if every broadband user that could upload more than they downloaded then there would be no problems.

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