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How do I open a unfinished .rar file

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by TFoS_Fan, Oct 13, 2002.

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  1. TFoS_Fan

    TFoS_Fan Ava Adore Established Member

    I have been downloading using Soulseek a double CD Cradle Of Filth - Lovecraft And The Witchhearts. The file itself is a .rar file and now seem not to be able to get any users to finish it. Ive got 90% so I was wondering if there was a way of opening what I did have extract the mp3 files that are there and download the last couple of songs seperately. Does anyone know how to open a unfinished .rar file, there must be a way, surely?

  2. jath

    jath Member

    un finisheed RAR

    I use WInRAR and this is how I do it. I open the file and choose the extract to button at the top of the program. I second window pops up and at the bottom on the left side check the box that says 'Keep broken files' . This will do it. :mellow :mellow
  3. TFoS_Fan

    TFoS_Fan Ava Adore Established Member

    Cheers, Will do that

    Thanks Ill do that tommorrow and tell u how I get on. I've got WinRar so thats not a problem. Will I the original .rar file be ok to allow me to download rest if I do get users for it.
  4. Juggalo15

    Juggalo15 THe Poet p2p'er

    lmao,i think ur outta luck
  5. Rickio

    Rickio Member

    I've opened uncompleted rar files

    I've been able to open uncompleted rar files.
    It should work for you.

    though I used a file called 7-zip, I also have used winrar and be sure and use the newest version of winrar.
  6. TFoS_Fan

    TFoS_Fan Ava Adore Established Member


    WinRar worked perfect, lol, didnt realise it was that easy.

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