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Connect a computer to the internet through another computer?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PowerMan57two, Apr 16, 2003.

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  1. Okay I have StarBand Satellite internet. And I called my installer and he said to connect another computer to my satellite I would need to buy another Ethernet adapter to plug into the computer that directly connects to the satellite. (by the way thats this computer)

    so I have two ethernets in this computer, one in the other. So I also bought a 50ft ethernet cord. I connected the cord from this computer to the other, and now i have one ethernet jack left, and that ones connects to the satellite modem.

    so basically with all that info, how do I get the other computer to get on the internet through this computer?

    I also have Windows Xp Pro.

    And the ethernet adapter on the other computer and the new one I bought for this computer, they both say their disconnected which they can't be because their both in the computer.

    Just thought i would try here to see if anyone can help. Thanks

    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    I'm guessing he meant building your own 'scrap PC' firewall.....they have a CD image floating around to do the job..it's a bare bones bootable linux disk that boots...loads into ram and allows you to configure without a HD. Basically the best set up is...

    1) Cheap old PC...even a 386/486 will do...
    2) 2 ethernet cards...2 free PCI slots..
    3) cat5 cabling to route to the 'main PC'.

    If you wanna connection share the easy way...pick up a cheap Netgear broadband router/firewall for around 40-50 bucks and route all your PC's to that....then hook the sat. cat5 up to the DSL/Cable input on the router...or try using the router straight up for the ISP connection.

    I've never had...or used satellite so I couldn't tell ya if they're compatible....DSL kicks ass :)

    Edit: if you must....try "Internet Connection Sharing" and sync the two PC's via ethernet then log on with the one that has 2 cards...and hook the sat modem up to 1 ethernet card..and the other to the others only ethernet card.
  3. Munchables

    Munchables Member

    You could get just get a router, like 20 bux or so.

    Somthing tells me that you couldn't handle linux, well maybe a good slakware or somting easy like that but still do you really wanna **** with that $hit?

    There is freeware router software for Winbloz on kazaa. still you would need anouther eathernet port .

    I think a router is best, I mean cuz it is easer and safer to leave on 24/7.

  4. Foreverboard

    Foreverboard Alien in Penguin suit....

    Here is a link to a good guide of how to do what you are asking. hope this helps, just keep asking if you have issues.


    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    Munchables....I feel the same...powerman is a bit of a newbie to the PC world....but we've asked you to stop belittling users...and for the most part you've toned it down...

    But that still is a tad over the edge....you never learn without asking or searching and from what I see...your just as much of a newbie. And the whole linux rulez an it's for hackers buzz is permeating every post you make....you probably don't even know how to compile kernel in Linux so heres a nice cup of shut the **** up kiddo.

    Foreverboard.....nice link. I'm sure he can take it from there. : )
  6. I just want to say I am not a newbie to the PC world. I have had a computer for ages. But I just got high-speed-internet and I have never dealed with networking or routers or things like that before. I built two of my own PCs, both sitting here in the room, one for backup crap. I am an expert on SOME stuff, but then theres things like this where I am just brain-dead. Since my post about the hard drives coming together as one, I have learned so much. But I am not new to the PC World.

    Laptop World - Never Been There
  7. Induna

    Induna Vote John Kerry!

    Calm down CCS, no need to go overboard.
  8. RJ5500

    RJ5500 sailed away

    try Kerio's WinRoute @ http://www.winroute.com

    I have used it before to connect to the internet through another PC. It works well.

    CCSDUDE Proud Girl Lover

    It's not overboard when he repeatedly blasts newbies all while sounding like a moron...

    Go search his posts and you'll see what I mean....
  10. zaphodiv

    zaphodiv Alpha Geek Established Member

    > I would need to buy another Ethernet adapter to plug into the computer that
    >directly connects to the satellite. (by the way thats this computer)

    It's possible to do it with one card per computer but two is less trouble.

    > I connected the cord from this computer to the other
    This will usually only work if the cord is a crossover cable. Normal cable with
    RJ45 connectors are wired to go from a computer to a hub/bridge/router.
    Do you get a green link light when you plug the cable in?

    You have to start by getting the two computers to be able to contact each other.
    Firstly disable any third party personal firewalls, you can turn them back on later.

    I'd start by giving the computers static addresses and seeing if they can ping each other.
    You can dive right in and try to get your machine to be a DHCP server and leave the other
    machine set to automatically obtain an ip address.

    If you want to try static addresses, on your computer I'd give TCP/IP on the card
    that connects to the other puter, the address netmask
    don't set a gateway. The other computer can be netmask

    Then from a command prompt
    Pingin with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time<10ms TTL=255

    At this point you know the network cards, the card drivers and the cable are working
    and you can move on to getting you machine to do connection sharing (NAT).

    >pick up a cheap Netgear broadband router/firewall for around 40-50 bucks and route
    >all your PC's to that
    I read that satellite connections usually need some software to push traffic through
    proxys that minimise the 3 second delay through the satellite and back. A router
    may not work well with a satellite connection.

    >'scrap PC' firewall.....they have a CD image floating around to do the job.
    zipslack is ok for that, knowledge of networking and arcane linux stuff is required.

    >try "Internet Connection Sharing"
    The win98 ICS is typical microsoft bugware, dunno about XP. The main machine
    _has_ to be or it just refuses to work.

    winroute is worth a try.

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