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Cat liposuction craze fattens the animal health market

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by grab_grab_the_haddock, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. grab_grab_the_haddock

    grab_grab_the_haddock The Voice Of Reason Established Member

    (Los Angeles, CA) - Previously, affording things such as feline fitness has been restricted to spending a few extra dollars on healthier food, but some cat and dog owners have taken to paying thousands of dollars in liposuction or plastic surgery for their pets in a practice controversially deemed “animalplasty.”

    The operation is also called doggyplasty - or for a cat, kittyplasty - and involves surgically altering your animal’s appearance. The trend originated in Los Angeles, CA but has since caught on in other parts of the country after several celebrities paid for their four-legged friends to get the surgery.

    Amongst the first celebrities to dabble with animalplasty was celebrity heiress Paris Hilton, legendary musician Elton John and boxing champion Mike Tyson - each of whom either paid for plastic surgery or liposuction fat removal on their pets.

    Since 2006, animal plastic surgeons have opened up shop in other major cities such as Dallas, TX and New York City.

  2. sygreenblum

    sygreenblum Member

    And I thought Human liposuction was ridiculous. This is just further proof the human race is ridiculous. It seems Dec. 21, 2012 couldn't come any sooner.
  3. w31n3r

    w31n3r Zeropaid Irregular Established Member

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to sygreenblum again."


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