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Best Ad Blocker

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Mr. Mainstream, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    The two I use the most are popup killer (not free anymore ;-) ) and webwasher (free for home use).
  2. Ken17625

    Ken17625 Your best nightmare.

    I use AdShield. A lot of people seem to like "Proximitron"(Spelling?).
  3. phalkon30

    phalkon30 Jay Leno Geek

    I personally love proxomitron, its fast, fully configureable, and works through a proxy, so it gets it all if tweaked right

    Beware, it takes a few minutes to get it to work right for you, just read the guides and you should be albe to get it working


    EDIT: forgot to mention a very nice feature, if for some reason it blocks a page you want to see, just right click on it, and go to bypass, then re-enable it when you're done
  4. WRFan

    WRFan Member

    the best combination I found is popup ad filter by meyea (for popups) and webwasher (for banners and flash files and whatever else; don't use webwasher's popup killer function, it's broken. popup ad filter will take care of all popups)
  5. MusikBeatz23

    MusikBeatz23 Blah. Established Member

    yes.... yes.... i have been using proxomitron for some time and its been a while since i have seen ads.... its the way the net was suppost 2 be with-out ads.... <( * ~ * )> .... :fire
  6. Undermind

    Undermind Know Your Enemy

  7. Someone should make a browser with this stuff in it. It could also have a big hammer thing that you wack stuff off pages with that your sick of seeing like Zeropaid Gear^
  8. Rahwgwar

    Rahwgwar Headstrong

    I use Avant Browser, my fav browser. It has a built in pop-up blocker and I haven't seen an ad since. It also allows you to toggle between enabling pics or not. Ever since, I jumped to Avant, I haven't looked back to IE. There are similar ones like Avant, most particularly, MyIE2. It's been so long since I used a third party software ad blocker however. I think I did use "ad blocker" at one point and I liked it fairly well.
  9. Chunkydinner7

    Chunkydinner7 Member

    super ad blocker is my favorite i recommend it highly.
  10. Digital Bliss

    Digital Bliss 2+2=5 Established Member

    My fist nuff said
  11. Stownplayer

    Stownplayer Stown 3.2 Established Member

    Kerio firewall has a good ad block engine, although you might have to edit the code. Don't forget privoxy!
  12. Masterem67

    Masterem67 Member

    Ad-Muncher hands down. Nothing Gets Past Ad-Muncher
  13. ourthing2

    ourthing2 Nada Zippo Zilch Zeropaid

    If you don't mind using Firefox, get it along with the "Adblock" and "Remove it Permanently" extensions. You will have to "train" it, but you can get rid of ANY ad with these.
  14. cletis_van_damm

    cletis_van_damm l33cher

    outpost firewall gets ridd of alot of ads and adblock removes them completly :)
  15. serrebi101

    serrebi101 Member Established Member

    using maxthon browser with the add hunter plugin.
  16. Zee19

    Zee19 Member

    I want to know of an Ad blocker which doesn't only block Ads in the browser, but also blocks ads in applications such as Download Accelerator Plus and P2P apps.

    I'm currently using Super Ad Blocker and trust me this ad blocker is fantastic, but fails to block ads in P2P programs.
  17. littlebits

    littlebits Member Established Member

    I use Hostman http://hostsman.abelhadigital.com/ its free and blocks all ads on any browser.

    Just install it, then update your host file from 4 different block lists, only use one.

  18. Ne007

    Ne007 I wish u were Beer Established Member

    First of all, uninstall your P2P programs that have adware because the best aps don't have adware or ads. Then run adaware and spybot search and destroy.

    Uninstall Download accelerator......why have it at all lol?

    Install Utorrent or azureus for bittorrent. Or use shareaza if need be.

    Install Firefox with adblock and filterset.g

    In order to stop ads, picking the correct P2P programs to start off with is the best answer.
  19. Zee19

    Zee19 Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I use uTorrent a lot, i don't like Shareaza or LimeWire.

    I used BearShare but because of what is going on with them, i've uninstalled it.

    I use Morpheus 5.2 and like it a lot, i find stuff on it (their NEO Network) which i only find in one other place, eMule.

    I don't need to run Ad-aware or anything like that because Morpheus didn't install any Adware or bundles on my system, but the problem is, it does display one HTML ad at the bottom of the interface.

    I had Norton Internet Security, their Ad blocker was the best i had used, it blocked every ad, whether it was in the browser or through applications, but i don't want to use their firewall, so out that one goes.

    I had Super Ad Blocker, i used the keygen but it's telling me that its expired even though i've tried reinstalling with a new key.

    As for Firefox, i'd rather use IE7, i like it better ...
    By the way, thanks littlebits also for your reply :)

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